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Is PUBG mobile India coming back as Battlegrounds mobile India?

Rumors spread around India that PUBG mobile India is coming back as Battlegrounds mobile India.

Recently KRAFTON a south Korean video game company has announced the launch of a new game called Battlegrounds Mobile India. Interestingly, the game has many similarities to the earlier banned game PUBG.



As mentioned earlier, KRAFTON is a south Korean gaming company with its head quarters in Seongnam. The company is best known for its game Player unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Initially the company ran under the name of Bluehole. But with an unexpected success of the game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, bluehole established KRAFTON as an exclusive company for gaming on November 2018, under the leadership of its CEO Kim-chang-han.


Wondering how come PUBG entered this space, Right? Surprisingly the short name for Player’s Unknown’s Battle Grounds is PUBG.

The PUBG started with a team of 20 developers has exploded into the world’s biggest online gaming event in no time.

The craze for PUBG among masses has grown so enormously that it was difficult to beat the game even after the advent of many similar games by its competitors.

The game PUBG has established a gold standard in the field of Online gaming and .

Moreover, the availability of the same game in various gaming platforms like XBOX, PS4 and mobile versions, pushed the game as one of the most popular online gaming of all time.

Why PUBG is banned in India?

The parent company of PUBG, the Bluehole in 2017 agreed to an undisclosed amount of investment from TENCENT, a tech giant from China.

later it was known that about 1.5% of the stake in Bluehole was owned by TENCENT. Moreover, rumors spread indicating the intent of TENCENT company to acquire more stake in BLUHOLE.

In 2020 the Indian government has banned many Chinese apps in India. As a part of it, they even banned PUBG, as the Indian government considered the parent company Bluehole to be run under the interest of Chinese.

Though the KRAFTON removed TENCENT as one of the entitles of PUBG, their trails have gone invain.

But the large player ship from the Indian subcontinent lured PUBG corp to re-enter India with an entirely new, Indian version of the game.

Battlegrounds mobile India

In september 2020, after the ban of PUBG mobile in India, the KRAFTON corporation announced its disassociation with TENCENT.

later in November 2020, KRAFTON announced an INDIAN version of PUBG to be launched in 2021. The company also confirmed a 100 million dollar investment in India to rebuild its online gaming empire.

Now on 6th may 2021, the KRAFTON announces battleground mobile India, which is an Indian version of PUBG.

The company already made it clear that there will be lot of similarities between PUBG and BGMI (PUBG India).

The exact date of launch is yet to be revealed.

Why PUBG India?

Do you know, when the government banned PUBG in India, there were 175 million downloads from the country.

Who will leave such a huge fanbase, that too from a single country? China and India are the largest player bases for the company. Hence KRAFTON has taken an initiative to developed an Indian version of PUBG with native content strategy.

KRAFTON has applied the same strategy in China. To did deep into it lets know the TENCENT story.

The PC versions of PUBG were banned in China in early 2017. As a result the TENCENT company of china has taken the franchise of PUBG and released it with few modifications which abide by the laws of China’s socialistic values and morals.

Along with it , the Quantum studio and TIMI studios, subsidiary of TENCENT games developed mobile versions of PUBG, which became popular world wide. They created a revolution in online gaming platform. The mobile versions paved their path into streets of the middle and poor who can’t afford PlayStation and X-boxes.

The mobile versions were a big hit which created a history in the field of online mobile gaming. But slowly, data and security concerns started rolling out which threatened the integrity of some nations. India was one among them. This was the main reason why India has banned PUBG mobile versions under the threat of security issues.

But unfortunately, PUBG mobile versions were banned even in China due to content restrictions. Hence TENCENT announced that it would re-released the game under the name Game for peace.

Coming to India, in order to regain the huge fan base, KRAFTON has discontinued its ties with Chinese, TENCENT and is planning to re-release PUBG under the name Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI).

PUBG India release date

The company has posted a teaser that it is set for the release of Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) soon in India.

Its exclusive website revealed few interesting facts about PUBG India.

The game is an free online mobile platform gaming arena with exclusive in-game events like tournaments and leagues.

The game comes with a free pre-registration before the launch and will be exclusively available in India.

Moreover, it announced that the company with collaborate with local partners to build an exclusive e-sport ecosystem in India.

KRAFTON has mentioned clearly on its website that the top priority is given to privacy and data security.

The company has recently launched its Logo and first look.

battlegrounds mobile india


Hope BGMI gains its lost place in the filed of online gaming in India. Visit for more stories.

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