When I bought my first DSLR I was very happy with my choice. It was a mind-blowing experience when I have taken my first shot. But, as days passed, I was more confident in my photography. This made to search for more lenses for my camera. But there were a lot of options and choices available on the net. This made me confused about taking the correct decision. I searched a lot on the net and finally sought out MY BEST FIVE LIST.

But before going into the list, we should first know a few terms related to lenses for better understanding. They are as follows:
  • [vtab]
    • DX
      •  It indicates the crop version of the sensor. The D3 series and D5 series are usually equipped with crop sensors of size 15.8 X 23.6 mm. Hence lenses with DX versions are more suitable for D3 series and D5 series of Nikon cameras.
    • AF-S
      • It means auto-focus with Silent wave motor (SWM). The lenses use ultrasonic vibration instead of a gear system thus reducing the noise while auto-focusing. 
    • AF-P
      • It means auto-focus with Pulse motor (stepping motor lens). They are more advanced versions than AF-S and are much quieter than earlier SWM lenses. Nikon is introducing all lenses with AF-P now.
    • VR
      • VR” means vibration reduction. It helps in increasing stability while shooting with hand. It helps in taking good quality images even at longer zooms.
    • VR II (VR 2)
      • It is second version of vibration reduction mechanism introduced by Nikon, which can produce good image stabilization even up-to four stops of handheld shooting.

The first lens that I would recommend is a prime lens. A prime lens is best for PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY. If you take more personal photos or family photos, then this is for you. Prime lenses are fixed focal length lenses, best in class for the “bokeh” effect. They produce beautiful blurry backgrounds. People who are interested in portrait photography can opt for it.

There are various prime lenses available on the net. But some of these lenses lack motor in them. The Nikon 3series (D3200, D3300, D3400, and D3500) and 5 series (D5300, D5600) lack a motorized body. Hence the lens which is attached to them will have that motor for self-adjustment (autofocus).

The best option for wildlife photography or distant photography is a 70-300 mm lens. These telephoto lenses are best to shoot decent wildlife photography. They can also be used for candid, sports photography and for distant landscapes. The kit lens equipped with the camera is 18-55mm. Hence this lens can be a decent extension for a kit lens. If you didn’t buy dual-lens then buying 70-300 will definitely have an edge on your photography.

These are some of the telephoto lenses suitable for Nikon 3400 and Nikon 3500

Last but not the least, 55-200 mm lenses provide the best solution for versatile photography bridging the gap between portrait and outdoor photography. You can take good wide-angle pictures along with good zoom. So, if you are tight on budget and have an idea of buying an only single lens, then 55-200 mm lens will be a good option.


Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm F/3.5-5.6 G ED VR Zoom Lens for Nikon

Comes with AF-S motor to allow autofocusing on Nikon’s entry-level D40/D40X/D60 bodies. Is a Good lens for wide angle and zoom. Best for land scape photography.

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These are the few best lenses under 15000 Indian rupees. If you like the post, do share it with your friends.

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