BEST BUY GADGETS IN 2019 (series 1)


Plume SuperPod Home WiFi System

They are pluggable super pods, that amplify the existing wifi signal, to produce uniform wifi signals to every nook and corner of the house. Comes with dual Ethernet ports ensuring whole home coverage. Set up Plume through your smartphone within minutes. Freeze Internet for a family member or a specific device, set hours when they can get online, and turn on content filters for controlled web access for kids. Plume HomePass lets you create personalized passwords for guests, all within a single network.

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CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

CREATE YOUR OWN MOVIE THEATER ANYWHERE YOU GO. Projects images up to 12-feet, from HD 1080p resolution. Comes with a library that includes 40 Disney e-books and 75+ episodes of other fun cartoons.. Access and stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, AmebaTV, YouTube, and YouTube Kids directly from the CINEMOOD menu screen. 6GB of internal memory to store your videos of interest. Eliminating blue light, and providing a safer viewing experience. 30-day no questions asked return policy, 1 year warranty.

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Mee Audio X7: The workout headphones

Tired of changing your speakers regularly at workouts due to sweat damage? Then this is for you. Bluetooth equipped headphones, best for workouts and active lifestyles. Sweat-resistant nano-coating for protection from sweat . Built-in microphone and controls; up to 8 hours of talk/music playback time. Comes with 3 sets of changeable ear tips. More over comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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The Road Bike for riders

If you are a fitness freak, Then this is for you! Lightweight, Super strong 4130 chromoly steel frameset. Ideal for beginners to experienced riders. Equipped with best in class 16-Speed Shimano Claris STI shifters and Hutchinson nitro II tires. available in six different sizes to fit 4′-11″ to 6′-4″ height persons.

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Katana Safety Arc: Personal Security System

Provides three layers of defense. (1) ultra-slim alarm. It is a piercing audible siren that’s activated with just the flick of a finger or by using the ingenious hidden wristband. A discreet silent-alert button for use in an uncomfortable situation when a loud siren might not be appropriate. (2) The second layer of protection is aided by Katana service center, which informs emergency services or inform 7 of your family memebers. (But it is a subscription based service) (3) A map of the user’s location in the event of an emergency is sent to 7 pre-registered contacts. “Arc’s batteries never have to be charged.”

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