Why Cristopher Nolan loves India?

In a candid interview between Twinkle Khanna and Cristopher Nolan, the luminary director has expressed his love towards India and Bollywood.


Who is Christopher Nolan?

Mr. Nolan is an elegant director in Hollywood. He is well-known for his films, Memento, Batman series, Inception, and Interstellar.

Now in 2020 he comes with another time based science fiction movie TENET. In his films he plays with time and shows us the unusual form of time travel in simple visualizations.

His screenplay is so complicated and perfect, that it takes time for the viewers to understand the concept and absorb the story. Hence most of his films will be viewed more than twice to understand the story behind it.

This is something different from other directors. I think you agree with me too.

TENET’s connection with India

Some part of the story in TENET runs in India, where the hero tries to contact Priya, a drug dealer in India in order to save the world.

When cristopher nolan was aked about why he chose to have an Indian backdrop in his film he has the following reply.

“When i was filming The dark Knight raises , i had this good fortune to film a brief part of it in Jodhpur, India. This is at the same time i came to see Mumbai.

I was fascinated to see the vast area of architecture and mix of eras which is extremely inspiring. As a filmmaker, I want to grab a camera and capture the same in my movie instead of using it as a simple backdrop.

I really want to have a story connected and a character from that part of the world. Hence that’s what made me choose Dimple for the role of Priya.

Cristopher Nolan about Bollywood

When asked about Bollywood, the director has expressed his love towards the Indian film industry. He also made a note on the mixture of all prime sensibilities like drama, music and action together in one film.

Why he chose Dimple Kapadia for the role?

When asked why he chose Dimple for the role, he stated that her experience and acting skill were inspiring and have provided the required aura to the film.

Cristopher also stated that dimple rejected the role initially and started suggesting other actors for the role. It was something similar that the director personage has experienced earlier when he choose Liam neeson for a role in Batman.

Moreover, he stated that such actors have modesty and nervousness which makes him to approach them for such creative collaboration.


The magnificent interview by twinkle Khanna is worth watching and is to the point. No nonsense, sweet and short. You can watch the full interview on YouTube by tweak India.

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