When you are searching for domains at cheaper prices, and want to buy them from reliable sellers, then 2 names will definitely come into your mind. GO DADDY AND BIG ROCK. There are few advantages and disadvantages in both of them. Let us know them in detail.
I bought domains from both of them. Hence I thought of sharing my experience, so that it can be helpful for those who want to buy domain from them. 

The views in this article are purely personal and cannot be generalized, hence reader’s discretion is recommended.

GO DADDY is the oldest and most trust worthy domain seller. Having many millions of domains sold, it is definitely the suzerain in domain selling business. In my opinion, they have the best post selling services. The service center officials can be contacted in no time, at the time of problem. They are a click away. This makes them the most trust worthy domain sellers. Once I have an issue in registering my new domain on to my hosting site. It was dealt smoothly and in a professional way, by the call centers officials, which is laudable. Additionally we can find numerous domain options for our searches. 
BIG ROCK had recently gained recognition in India. They provide good sales support. The main advantage of searching domains in BIG ROCK is, that they are very clear in renewal charges. A dedicated web page is available on domain buying and renewal charges. This gives a clear idea for the buyer, which domain to be bought based on his/ her financial frontier.


Now let us compare GO DADDY AND BIG ROCK in various service fields

Domain registration:

Both have simple and smooth domain registration process. The domain registration protocol is simple and one can easily register their domains to websites without any assistance. Moreover we can find many online articles regarding this registration process.

Conclusion: Hence both have good reviews in domain registration.

Customer support:

The service centers are good with prompt reply from the officials. They are really responsive and you may not have any issue with them. But, I think GO DADDY has an advantage over BIG ROCK, when it comes to in-time solution for your problem. For non-registered members GO DADDY service center is available full day, you can contact them at any time. On the other hand BIG ROCK service center works for a specific time frame after which we have to generate ticket or ask for re-call, which is time consuming.
Even the chat version of BIG ROCK is of much older style without prompt connection with the sales or service team. In non-working hours we have to register chat with our email and should write our question or complaint there, which will be answered by a reply email at a later time. More over after registering the domain in BIG ROCK, you will be getting multiple calls day and night asking for hosting and website services from various providers. This can be useful for some, but most of the times, the buyer has a definite idea in his mind regarding hosting or other services, hence such type of calls will be disturbing.
One main disadvantage of GO DADDY  (in my experience ) is, the call center officials try to encourage you to have some additional buys like hosting or email services, which can be useful for someone and may not be so useful for others.

Conclusion: GO DADDY has a definite edge over BIG ROCK in this regard.


We always try to buy best things at budget prices. This makes BIG ROCK the king in Domain selling, at affordable prices. I think GO DADDY pricing pattern is on a higher side when compared to BIG ROCK. More over the pricing structure in BIG ROCK is charted out in a clear way when compared to GO DADDY. BIG ROCK provides a dedicated webpage describing the buying and renewal charges of each domain.  In GO DADDY we can see the renewal charges only at the time of checkout (for some domains).

Conclusion: BIG ROCK is best in pricing domains. For example, at the time of writing this post, the .com domain charges are 699 rupees in BIG ROCK, but they are 925 rupees in GO DADDY.


When it comes to services, BIG ROCK simply blows away GO DADDY, by providing numerous free services. BIG ROCK claims to provide 5000 rupees free services on purchase of domains from them, which cannot be seen in GO DADDY. BIG ROCK provides 2 free email accounts on your domain name (name@yourdomain), which is completely free. This is awesome right! Having personal domain name email accounts will increase the credibility of your business. This is a definite advantage for small scale business firms or individual web or blog runners. Both of them provide mail forwarding services.  Here are the services that BIG ROCK provides on buying domain. 

Conclusion: GO DADDY is no way near to BIG ROCK in terms of services.


It depends on personal interests. People who are new to domain purchasing and want to have good customer support they can prefer GO DADDY.

For best and economical pricing and for free addons, its better to prefer BIG ROCK.

Ultimately the decision is yours. Think wisely and plan correctly. Never under estimate the power of domain. It is your website’s address. You cannot change it regularly. Moreover transferring domain from one seller to another is a hectic process and is associated with a tedious protocol. As it affects the vested interests of domain sellers, they may have a serious impact on your website. Finally your Domain address has a major impact on your SEO (search engine optimization). A small change in domain address can hamper your web traffic.
Prevention is better than cure. Choose your domain seller wisely. The opinion in this article is purely based on my personal opinion and cannot be generalized. If you can share your view on this, it will be much better for our readers in understanding the difficulties in buying domain from these sellers. 

According to you, which one is the best and economical Domain seller?

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