What is Gummys crypto? How to participate in Intial Fan Offerings (IFO)?


What is Gummys?

Gummys is a WEB 3.0 streaming and video-sharing platform that is powered by blockchain technology. Users earn cryptocurrency every time they stream or view videos using the native token for the platform, Gummys.

Users can sign-up from anywhere in the globe using only their blockchain’s public addresses, stream for free or upload their own content or make donations using cryptocurrency, communicate with other users, and join channels. Users can earn cryptocurrency and the utility token that is powered with Gummys each time they play or stream videos.

What are its possibilities?

The market for video streaming is growing exponentially and could be expected to experience 21.0 percent growth from 2021-2028.

Gummy Bears is a brand new kind of video-sharing and social media ecosystem that’s free of centralization, secure, and easy to access. The global streaming video revenue is expected to reach $94 billion by 2025, according to PwC forecasts.

Gummy Bears is the first to introduce a blockchain-based stream-to-earn and pay-to-watch-earn system that is anticipated to draw more streamers and investors into the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, leading to an increase in the use.

What is Gummys TV?

Gummy TV is an uncensored, decentralized, and secure platform. a community-driven platform that works with its customers which include viewers, streamers, and Gummys token holders.

Gummys TV offers significantly reduced costs over other streaming services due to using blockchain technology. It is backed and guided by senior executives who are from Cardano and Tezos, former board members of Hyundai and Tezos, among others.

Advertising, transaction fees, and the selling of utility tokens are the main drivers behind the development and longevity of Gummy Bears.

Gummy Bear’s business plan is easy to follow, as commission fees advertising, ad-hoc ads, and the sale to utility tokens is the principal source of revenue. The 8% of interactions and subscription fees contribute to operating costs and the sustainability of the platform.


It is the GUMMYS token that serves as the original symbol of Gummy Bears which powers their self-driving economy. Its utility comes from four reasons loyalty, streaming access, privacy, and loyalty. The maximum quantity of GUMMY is set to 1 billion.

How to participate in IFO?

IFO stands for Initial Fan Offering. (IFO) IFO is a brand new Web3 term that assists projects success while rewarding community members for their assistance and support by taking small actions.

Gummys a community-powered Web3 streaming system, is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural Initial Fan Offer (IFO) in its worldwide community.

Within Gummys’ Gummys IFO, community members are the key players in pushing the project forward. As a reward, Gummys will provide a random amount of tokens ($1,000,000 in total rewards) and will reward participants in the community for their contributions. Everyone who is Gummys member will receive an official badge for their fans that will be mailed directly to the wallet they have.

By acquiring the privilege you’ll get special drops, tokens NFTs, and a VIP account

To stand an opportunity to win significant benefits, the only thing you have to do is to:

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