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What is TATA cryptocurrency? What should we know about TATA Coin?

In September 2022, the Delhi High Court allowed Tata Sons’ appeal to issue an ad-interim order against Hakuna Matata (and others) for online trading in cryptocurrency “TATA Coin”.

The order was signed by Justices Manoj Kumar Ohri (Judge) and Mukta Gupta (Justice) stating that “anyone selling inferior or dubious products through the respondents’ website using the trademark of the appellant can seriously damage its reputation”.

As per Tata Sons’ contentions, the respondents (Hakunamatata), registered in the UK and the US, are using its trademark (in the form of TATA COIN) for doing online trading in cryptocurrency through their website(s) ‘‘ and ‘‘.

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What is TATA cryptocurrency?

Logo of TATA coin which is similar to the Logo of TATA sons

TATA Coin, a community-driven cryptocurrency, is listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Tata coin trades at $0.008247 and has a daily trading volume of $1199.11 USD, according to the Coin market cap.

Tata Coin, a community-driven cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain, is called Tata Coin. Tata Coin’s goal is to secure decentralized finance and provide the most secure payment system for multinational companies and investors around the globe. They will allow them to transact digitally using blockchain technology, and also be able to control their valuable assets.

Who owns the Tata coin?

It is, in simple terms, a Digital Currency that cannot be owned or controlled by any individual, group, entity, or entity. Tata Coin has been 100% community-driven.

Tata Coin does not have a CEO and is not controlled by any person, organization, entity, or group. However, Tata Coin is the first Digital Currency to be owned by the entire community, i.e. its holders. Each holder is a member of the ownership and team. Every investor is welcome to join the community.

What are the uses for Tata Coin?

TATA Coin is a decentralized financial system that is completely secure. It also provides the best payment system for multinational organizations and companies.

TATA Coin is an entirely decentralized peer-to-peer electronic system that doesn’t rely on any central authority, such as a government or financial institution. TATA Coin is not controlled or owned by anyone.

9 million coins will be ever produced. TATA Coin is a hard asset like gold or land and allows people to store their value in the digital realm for long periods.

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Is the TATA coin supported by India’s largest conglomerate, “The TATA SONS”?

Ratan Naval Tata former chairman of TATA SONS

Tata Sons Private Limited, a private entity, and owner of Tata Group holds the majority of Tata Group shareholdings including land holdings in India, tea estates, and steel plants.

It is a private conglomerate that includes nearly 100 companies. The company covers several business areas: chemicals, consumer products, and energy. The headquarters are located in Mumbai.

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TATA coin is not related to or backed by Indian corporate “The TATA SONS”. 

TATA SONS filed a complaint against US and UK TATA coin functions, as they were using TATA’s trademark.

Public consciousness in India is that the name “Tata” refers only to Tata group companies (By TATA SONS). It is therefore illegal and misleading to use their trademarks or logos without their permission.

Beware of the TATA coin

The word TATA is more than a trademark, linked with the emotions of millions of Indians.

Hence readers! beware of the TATA coin. The cryptocurrency is neither promoted nor supported by the TATA group of companies from India. Moreover, TATA SONS is in a legal battle with this crypto asset as they are confusing the people of India and the world by imitating the trademark of TATA group as their own logo.

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