Hobby writing is a passive writing style where we just write blogs out of leisure pursuit. It is one form of “not so serious blogging”. But content writing is a serious blog writing where the writer mainly has passion towards blogging along with good content.

Serious blogging has a strong foundation on all topics they write. But even after having such good content, lack of proper promotion can hinder the blog from coming into the lime light. One common example is, when we search for few topics on net, we come across various articles related to it, some will be good, some may not reach our expectations, and some may be pathetic. We just concentrate on good articles, and move on. But did we ever think about the blog or the writer. Obviously very few of us will do so.

Bloggers strive to promote their articles by various methods (as we discussed in our previous post), to promote their blog. Collecting emails of the visitors and sending timely updates to readers about their new blog posts, was a successful method of promotion EARLIER, BUT NOT NOW. The click through rate (CTR) for such promotional method has dramatically fallen. Half of these promotional mails are identified as spams and fail to reach readers. CTR (Click through rate)/ CR (Clicking rate) is the percentage of people who click your blog notifications (which are sent in various forms like mails or social posts, etc…)

But technology updates day by day and many new marketing strategies have evolved to boost blog reads. A new form of communication strategy has evolved in all these years, where the new blog post intimations/alerts can be sent to readers through a web browser platform. Yes! It’s true. No need of hectic work of collecting emails or continuously spamming your social platforms with your blog posts. 

How do you feel if you can send notifications about your blog post on a web browser, just like a message? Hmm… that sounds good. They are called push notifications.

In a press release by Accengage in 2018, we can find some interesting facts about push notifications. Accengage, the European leading push notification company has sent 50 billion push notifications to 900 million mobiles worldwide. The results were bewildering:

91.1% of android users opted for push notifications. The average click rate of push notifications was 10.7 for android and 4.9% for IOS users. 

Highest click rates were obtained on Tuesdays (8.4%). 

Push notifications containing images, GIFs, videos and Emojis generate 25% higher click rate when compared to default notifications. 

Targeting users with customized push notifications according to profile, location and preference can triple click rates. 

Personalizing push notifications with readers name can increase click rates by 4 times.

[ref: Accengage. Push Notification Benchmark Press Release – 2018 | Accengage [Internet]. 2018 [cited 2018 Nov 29]. Available from: https://www.accengage.com/press-release-accengage-releases-the-push-notification-benchmark-2018/]

The above results demonstrate the power of push notifications in promoting your content and in turn re-engage readers to your blog.

Why should I use push notifications:
  • Because they are less annoying when compared to pop-up messages.
  • You give a choice, whether to opt-in or opt –out of these push notifications. This makes your reader base stronger, as only interested readers will opt-in. Hence the re-engage ratio of your readers will inevitably shoot up.
  • You are saving lot of time in saving the mail addresses of your readers. It is a completely web based application management system.
  • You can target readers and send customized notifications according to region and time. This cannot be done in your emails. Sending notifications globally in same time is futile and useless, as time zones vary from place to place.
  • The span of notifications can range between 3 days to 1 weak. The duration of notification can be customized. This maintains a high click rate for your posts, as the notification will appear immediately after the reader enters chrome or any web browser.
  • The conversion rate for push notifications is much higher when compared with other methods.

How do I activate push notifications?

Activating push notifications is very simple. There are many 3rd party push notification services available on net. Select the best service based on your economic constrains. Create an account. Generate/ customize push notification appearance. Copy their push notification code and paste it in your website.

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Push notification services available on net:

These are few well known push notification service providers available on net. They have various pricing structures. One signal has been the best among them as it literally provides unlimited subscriptions (max 30,000 subscribers). Moreover it provides advanced push notification services when compared to others at free of cost. Pushassist is a cost effective alternative to one signal. The premium account has a low cost plan, besides a free plan.
So! What are you waiting for!
Sign in – to subscribe to any of these notification services and increase your blog reads today. 
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