Picking the wrong niche might destroy your affiliate marketing. It is the most common mistake the beginners might do in the staring days of affiliate marketing.
Micro niche blogging is the key to successful affiliate marketing these days. Google likes micro-niches as they contain more information on a specific topic.
Promoting affiliate marketing through micro-niche blogging is way more economical. Hence you see more affiliate trainers promoting micro-niche blogging as a part of affiliate marketing.
But how do I know whether my niche selection is correct or wrong? Here are a few ways to identify them.



A niche should have enough potential to be expandable. It should have multiple micro-niches that have demand. If your niche is not one of them, then it’s time to shift to some other slot.
A restricted niche has the least survival rate. You can earn the right amount of money when it is in demand. But ones the market comes down, you have no other option except to shift.
One example of such niches are “crypto-currency.” Yes! You heard it right. You can earn high commissions on affiliate products related to crypto-currency.
But, as the popularity decrease, you find no-one promoting crypto-currency.


Niches, with the massive competition, is not for novice marketers. In the beginning days of affiliate marketing, it is a good idea to focus on niches with the least competition.
Niches with high competition are usually saturated. You don’t have space to promote your product as giant players take away the whole place. 


I would instead advise searching for an entirely new niche or niches with the least competition in the beginning days of affiliate marketing.
People search for new and unique content. Why does a customer click on your web link if he could get multiple websites with the same information?
Let me explain with an example. Micro-niche websites on mobile phones are many. Many marketers promote brand new mobile phones daily.
Such niches are less beneficial to new marketers.


Niches with fewer profit margins are not ideal for new marketers. Significant investments demand big returns.
If you invest more and get less, you are going to fail in affiliate marketing in a few days.
Let us take amazon affiliate marketing. If you promote mobile phones, you will get 2 to 5% commission. On the other hand, if you promote kindle books, you would get a whopping 10% commission.
You find more competition in promoting mobile phones as many big agencies and websites are already into the play.
On the other hand, few players promote “PET PRODUCTS.” This niche has less competition and more commission (8%) when compared to other products.


Promoting affiliate products with low demand might not be a good idea.
Even though the commission is high, who is going to buy the product if it has less demand?
For example, AMAZON COINS has a 10% commission, which is the highest of all products.  But who is going to buy it? You have minimal search volume on search engines regarding AMAZON COINS.
Such marketing strategies end up in poor returns. You might invest heavily in ads for promoting such a product, but you find fewer people with the search for them.
Interestingly, promoting an affiliate product with high demand might not be a good idea –ALSO……
Top demand products have high competition. High competition demands high investments. It might eat your profits causing fewer returns.
For example, you as an individual affiliate marketer might think of promoting a new cell phone. But big players are successful in endorsing these products much before than you.

YOU ARE LATE! And in most instances, YOU WILL BE! Because you don’t get information directly from the manufacturer. You have to read it from somewhere.

In the meantime, corporates in affiliate marketing encash such opportunities.
These are a few instances where a new marketer fails to successful affiliate marketing. You have to find the correct niche for promoting.
These are few points where a new affiliate marketer makes a wrong step and finally lands up in trouble.
Think better, plan clever and earn more. HAPPY MARKETING!


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